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My TODO list (IT projects)
My PostgreSQL page (locale support, GiST, tsearch2)
PostgreSQL writings
OpenFTS full text search engine
www.pgsql.ru - search PostgreSQL resources
Software hacks - a few small development projects
AstroNet (in Russian) - Knowledge Base on Astronomy
Virtual Observatory project at SAI
nature.web.ru (in Russian) - Scientific network
My publications
My Wiki pages, worth to see them !
Phones/addresses of my university mates graduated in 1982 ( original place)
Selected images (Mandala Kalachakra ॐ)
Alumni meeting 14 April 2007 Physics department of MSU, 1982
Pictures from my Nepal spring and autumn treks (around Annapurna and Everest area)

57 years old, married, 3 nice children (children's drawings), education: graduated (with honour) faculty of physics of Moscow University, astronomical department (1982), current position: research scientist at Sternberg Astronomical Institute MSU, head of Internet group of SAI-MSU, hostmaster of AstroNet, webmaster of primary WWW server of SAI, author and head of award winning Russian Astronomical Network, founder of Russian Scientific Network, ...
I'm a member of PGDG (PostgreSQL Global Development Group) - major developer, a member of The PostgreSQL Foundation. I'm 2-year Google mentor.
Keywords on interests:
My Supernovae page ( SN research group), information retrieval (I'm a member of ACM society), databases, Art, Playing volleyball, tennis, Reading books (well, read dao without success), Exploring the Net (see my growing list of resources below), Philosophy, Yoga, Non-ortodoxal rock -- "Genesis" (Great Genesis Page and an Official Genesis Server), but I prefer Gabriel's era "VDG", "Peter Hamill", "King Crimson", Camel

So nice view ! Santa Cruz - what's a wonderful place ! I made this picture in 1993 in Santa Cruz, very close to Auburn Avenue, Dudley and Lilian, Stan Woosley.

Here is my Projects and very outdated tips :-)
Take a look on beta-version of my Editor-by-browser

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