Please do not consider this list as an self-advertisement. I wrote it mostly for possible employers and to keep things in my memory. It doesn't complete, it's just a notes...
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My Projects concerning system administration:

  • Creating and maintainence of AstroNet of Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow University.
  • primary WWW server of Sternberg Astronomical Institute and public WWW server of Astronet
  • maintaining of ftp-server of Sternberg Astronomical Institute - my head ache :-)
  • I maintained primary WWW server of REDLINE
  • Maintainence of an official mirrors of Webmuseum network, "United Nations Trade Point Development Centre" (finished at Apr, 2001) and Carol Jackson Fine Art Collection in Russia.
  • Locale koi8-r for Solaris 2.x and OSF/1 v.3x. I have tested them with perl, glimpse v.3.0 and tcsh.
  • 8-bit support in Glimpse
  • Testing of international support in Perl (since 5.001m perl supports LC_CTYPE and now LC_COLLATE !)
  • Locale support in relational DBMS PostgreSQL. You may try my unofficial patches
  • Locale support for Joe editor
    I was tired to use joe (unix text editor) because it doesn't supports locale and some operations like case-insensitive search, jumping by words simply doesn't work with russian texts. With my patches it now supports locale settings !
  • GiST support for PostgreSQL (7.0.3 and 7.1).
    (People often ask me how to get postgreSQL recognize locale. Read this page if you have problem)
  • localization of powerful search engines like GAIS and Glimpse and its WWW interfaces. Ooh guys, so many programmers don't bother about low part of ASCII table ! I have setup Search system at REDLINE and Search Page at Comus-Personnel WWW server based on GAIS.
  • localization of wdb - WWW interface to Postrges95 (relational database) (see an example how it works) or another example
  • You can try my modified version of wdb-p95 with some improvements and correction of errors. Check it out ! Sorry, no documentation, just try ... You'll need an original version !
    Recently, I was managed to update wdb-p95 to work with PostgreSQL 8.X. You need to update
  • localization of filework - a WWW-editor. Launch Netscape and you may edit html-document. Sorry, no URL because of security reason. Believe me, it works. Follow an official URL of filework to see how it works. I have to modify it to get it works with cyrillic documents.
  • Developing of local network for ZALOGBANK.
  • establishing of Internet connection of our Crimean Observatory. Take a look at report how we did this.
  • Developing of WWW site for Comus Personnel
  • Technical chief of PointJob Russia project (All-in-One - Web{master,design,writer}, cgi-scripting :-)
  • Internet project for Moscow Real-Estate Investment Agency (Design, db+web programming)
  • Joint Real-Estate Web database  @ (Design, db+web programming)
  • Discovery - Web Site Management System. It's widely used in Rambler cluster and AstroNet
  • something I forget :-)
  • Projects in progress:
  • Russian Scientific Headline News (a'la Discovery) - Join project of Moscow University and Rambler (Core team)
    I use APOD as a test-suite for High Performance Web Server programming using modperl, Mason and Apache.
    Projects in production: Rambler cluster,,
  • A Quick look on Projects in Progress as a chief of Internet group of Astronet (Core)
  • WWW-server of my AlmaMater - It doesn't looks very attractive but I try to keep it full of interesting things and it got over (Jan 1 1998) 5 mln. requests !!! (Webmaster, db programming)
    You can see a list (incomplete) resources here
  • FTP-server of AstroNet - - a greatest file-archive in Russia :-) 130 000 anonymous logins in 1997 year from more than 30 000 uniq hosts, downloaded > 300 000 files. We support unix, linux, perl, databases, graphics, multimedia. (Content manager)
  • FTS - full-text search engine based on PostgreSQL (working application is at Updates! Now it's - postgresql community search machine.
  • Learning how to use the GIMP for producing high-quality Web graphics. Some examples of my experiments may be found here. Also, I have mirror of the Gimp ftp-site and support Linux-x86 binaries
  • My Collection of Net References. This isn't a Yahoo or Altavista :-) but contains many useful references to software I'm really using in my sys/web admin. life and many people use this page for quick reference. I tried to keep references up-to date. There is no interface not because I'm lazy but I still don't recognize how to do it better.
  • I'm very interested in distributed databases and Web-interfaces. Some results of my experiments can be found here
  • My Web Tips. Please, no flame :-)
  • edit-by-browser for remote editing of document via Netscape. Try demo version I have no time to continue my work but there are some editors around written by friends using my idea :-)
  • Server push animation - I work on WWW Stock Machine
  • Time to time I return to my My Unsuccessful Page and sadly sigh

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