Under Construction

This is a beta version of my editor, no sources provided until completion of my work. I need your comments and suggestions how to make editor secure.
Im looking for the name !

Edit-by-browser is intended as an editor of plain HTML documents and offered on as-is basis. The author have made no warranty or representation that the operation of this software will be error-free or suitable for any applications. Contact the author at oleg@sai.msu.su
I was hired by REDLINE to write an editor of document which may be invoked from within Netscape. After several weeks of thinking and surfing Internet I've decided to write it myself.
I understand that there are lots of problem with security/authorizaton and on this reason editor must not be consider as a tool for everyone, I found it useful for viewing and testing of document though.

Currently I'm writing suid server for uid/gid checking. It'll allows users to edit their documents.

OK, let's try edit this page I hope you'll not try to find a password required for Save operation and damage my page (I spent so much time to write it). I use "weblint -i -s -x netscape" to test document.

Sorry for the lack of documentation, I swear I'll write it. Stay tune.

Leave a message ? oleg@sai.msu.su