Sound Samples

My brother Baatr like to sing songs and play guitar. He is living in small city Elista (Kalmyckia), where I was born. We communicate with each other mostly via email and when he visited my office in 199x (don't remember when). I asked him to record some songs for me. I had Sound Blaster 16, "dirty" microphone installed on my 486 DX2/66 and guitar. That was a hard work to record living voice with more or less quality. Now I have a chance to hearing from him... So, here is some samples in wav-format. All songs in Russian.
I have tested this page under Linux (Slackware 3.0, 1.3.68), Solaris 2.5 and Netscape 2.0)
You need SOX - (Sound Exchange), which is available in original place or in our ftp-server to listen these samples.
audio/x-wav; sox -t .wav - -t .au - > /dev/audio; stream-buffer-size=8000
in your personal mailcap file (usually ~/.mailcap). Say Netscape You'd like to use it (Options,General Preferences,Helpers).
If you have fast connection you may listen sounds directly from network or, if you're not so lucky :-) just download to file and run external player.


KSP (Fot those who know what does it means)

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