Welcome to this offical Texture Land mirror. We currently have 298 textures that you can use in web pages, 3D modelling, VRML, for wallpaper, or anything else you can think of! The textures here are free for individual use, i.e. free for an individual to use on their personal web page, and also for non-profit companies. If you plan to use these textures as part of a commercial web site, you must pay a modest fee. For more information on commercial use please email yyz@meat.com.

For the latest at Texture Land, visit the Texture Land homepage at http://www.meat.com/textures/.

Color Manipulation Device
You've got your backgrounds, but will you choose the best colors for your web page? Let the Color Manipulation Device help, Windows shareware from FLUX.

Normal Textures
can be found here. 102 bricks, rocks, and weeds, all the normal stuff everyone likes.

Abnormal Textures
can be found here. 160 of the weirdest patchs of pixels you've ever seen.

Odds 'n Ends Textures
can found here. 36 odd sized textures of weird things.

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