Some news

It was very nice to knew that Yahoo China uses PostgreSQL and even more - it widely uses our extensions like ltree and pg_trgm. I got message from their developers about UTF-8 support (we planned to work TODO) they want to implement. We got their first patch for ltree, but Teodor pointed out several problems in their approach, so waiting for the next versions.

Another interesting message is about standalone GiST. One guy wants to wrap it as Perl module, so anybody could write custom indexes using perl. Neat ! We did that once for one company, so we can't share code and only assure guy it's doable. Hope this guy is persistent enough.

I'm diving into Cloud Computing, Cloud Databases specifically. We expect petabyte size database in the next few year from project 'Lira' and I seriously think about storing them in the Cloud. Quick calculations of expenses supports this.