tsearch documentation TODO

Tsearch Documentation TODO
  • Are we submitting both HTML and plain text to be included with the module?

README (Oleg) - Tsearch V2 Readme work in progress

	I removed the TODOS ... README appears to be fine ... anyone else have TODOS here?

Tsearch Reference (Brandon)

  • What needs to be completed for the Reference?

Tsearch Guide (Brandon)

  • What needs to be completed for the Guide?

Tsearch Introduction (Andy)

  • First draft is available here : [[tsearch-v2.1.1-intro?]]
  • gendict <Andy> Added the section with proper links. No detailed steps ... after release sometime. </Andy>

  Briefly mention about gendict with link where to get it.
  Ideally, step by step explanation for *real* dictionary
  (I have perl sources for Decimal and Integer dicts)
  • Nice to have information on stats.

Tsearch Upgrade (????)

  • Needs to be written
  • We are waiting for upgrade scripts?

  No. I suggest just write by hand several .sql scripts for old tsearch,
  tsearch v2
	They are included in the latest tarball V2.1.6 correct?