iphone linux

My notes about Iphone and Linux

I got new Iphone 1.1.4, 16 Gb about 2 weeks ago. Since I'm *x guy I have to solve several problems.

1. unlocked using Ziphone under vmware

2. sync contacts from my hp 514c → Outloook (vmware) → iphone

3. then install some apps using recommendation from iphones.ru

4. install gtkpod, fuse, sshfs 5. sshfs root@ /mnt/iphone (here IP address is an address of my iphone)

6. run gtkpod, edit preferences, mount point (choose iphone)

7. Create itunes directory tree

8. Populate Local playlists

9. Right-click on Local, save changes, choose Copy selected playlists to Ipod' - this takes a while via wifi

10. Ipod on iphone will not see new files unless you kill -HUP mediaplayer. I used Sysinfo, Processes, signal -HUP

Hmm, that's all I need.