• Collecting more catalogues – right now I would like to have catalogues like 2DF, RC3


  • Allow the storage of SQL views in CAS.
  • Arbitrary SQL queries from the user. My opinion is that's in the very future, since it requires the system to queue the queries, it requires the user quota system (of the user's data in the DB), and I guess it requires an additional (or more powerful) server. And right now we don't have any of these things…
  • Queries on parameters different from RA,DEC (like magnitudes, colors … ). It's not very complicated to build the indexes, but since with that set of queries it is very easy to abuse the server, I guess that also require a queue system of query execution (probably not, if we generate the SQL queries in a clever way from the column constraints (look how CDS does that…)).
  • Right now the metadata system does not allow to store the maximal length of the string columns (because of that when I output the VOTable, I always put arraysize="*"). I didn't implemented that because I thought it's not worth the efforts… Probably it was right… But in principal it can be done.


  • Create the basic SkyNode and after that the full SkyNode. The metadata queries are already in place, but the Query code is not yet written, since it requires the complicated step of ADQL->SQL transform (yuck…).
  • Create the registry of our resources. We certainly need the registry of our conesearches. I guess that it should be simple OAI ( harvestable script. It's still not clear how to generate the resources (fully automatically or pregenerate them manually)….
  • Probably try to switch to Axis2…
  • Make the conesearch radius limit specific for each catalog…
  • Provide the gateway for the backend services from on, and use it in WSDL descriptors instead. Maybe - generate two sets of WSDL, for frontend use (with - to improve peroformance), and for external world.


  • Describe on all the servlets and their parameters to allow the query of them from the scripts without digging into the system :)
  • Editing system of the system catalogues…