2.1.  02-07-90222
2.2.  Bartunov Oleg Sergeevich
2.3.  The development of Russian 'Astronet' network and
	technology of distributed informational systems
2.4.  2004
2.5.  2
2.6.  During 2002 year we pay special attention to following
	* Further development of distributed electronic document
	  processing. User's interfaces were reimplemented
	  in the framework ZSite web site management system;
	* Development and putting into operation the new
	  internet search system - GTSearch;
	* Internationalization of user's interfaces;
        * Sky maps:
          ** professional version includes objects up to
             17th magnitudes;
          ** support of non-point objects, such as Milky Way,
             nebulaes, galaxies was added to amateurs version
             of skymap;
        * New ADT were implemented in GiST framework of
          relational RDBMS PostgreSQL;
        * Interactive Moon reference book with calculation
          of phases, moments of apogee,perihelion 
          calculation was developed;
        * Technical assignment about bilingual thesauri on
          astronomy was prepared;
        * More than 1500 documents (original and translations)
          were published;
2.7.  Sternberg Astronomical Institute