Return to Moscow from Nepal

13 hours flight from Kathmandu to Moscow by Qatar, no problem, except usual one with my legs :)

Below is a quick summary of my visit:

  • Nepal is a nice country with big openness and honest people
  • Annapurna Circuit - 210 km with scenic views, easy trek for relaxed people with guide and porters and good test if you're 50-ty and is going alone. Also, "On the Road" is a good book to read before.
  • I did full trek from Besisahar ( April 11) to Nayapul ( April 30) plus Tilicho lake trek, upper way through Ghyaru-Ngawal and short trek to Dhaulagiri lakes from Larjung - about 300 km with 16 kg backpack (Golite Pinnacle, thanks to my groupmate from NASA), ~ 3 kg camera + accessories, plus about obligatory water (1 litre) and hot tea ( 1 litre). I didn't come to the ABC, since I was not able to find companion to do it for 4 days and it would be wrongly to go alone. Actually, we ( me, Simon from Bristol and Jack from Uta) discussed that possibility, but Simon was really tired and Jack had a bit different timings. I met Jack in Kathmandu and he said he did ABC only for 5 days and it was really difficult. I still think I would be able to do ABC for 4 days if I would find my russian friends Tatopani or Ghorepani and share 5 or so kg of my stuff ( it happens that they just finished trek in Tatopani and went to Beni by bus, shame :)
  • Kathmandu ( 3 nights for getting permits, byuing equipment and looking around) - Besisahar by jeep (start) - Ngadi - Jagat - Bagarchap - Chame - Ghyaru - Manang (2 nights: Milarepa Cave, Tilicho run by left side) - Tilicho Base Camp - Tilicho Peak Lodge - Thorung Phedi - Muktinath - Kagbeni - Marpha - Larjung - Tatopani - Ghorepani - Nayapul (finish) - Pokhara by taxi - Kathmandu by bus ( 4 nights relaxing, browsing and shopping for gifts)
  • Difficult parts (by different reasons) were : 400 m up to Ghyaru, Tilicho 1000m up, 1600 m down from Thorung pass to Muktinath after 1000 m up from Phedi to the pass, 1600 m up to Ghorepani (one day) and so galloping down next day (my knees were good, but was about to say "stop").
  • Nice parts : Ghyaru - scenic view on Annapurna 2 (me and va109.liverjournal.com were just shocked by so close view and wild village we haven't seen before. Hmm, the room was also interesting), Tilicho - in spite of snowing there were interesting plays of light and views to Gangapurna and Tilicho peak when coming back, Muktinath+Kagbeni were fascinating (much more to say), Manang for their bakery, Marpha for it mild hospitality, Larjung for unforgettable relax after lurking for Dhaulagiri lakes with Simon, Tatopani for the beautiful relax in hot springs after long walk from Larjung (with Simon and Jack), Ghorepani - real hot shower after whole day of exhausting climbing (usually it takes 2 days)
  • I met a lot of interesting people. Actually, only some specific kinds of people came to Nepal.

My next plan is to go in October for combined trek "Gokyo lakes + Everest Base Camp".

Pictures will be available after processing them from RAW. I have quite dense schedule for may and june, so don't expect soon, sorry.

Update: Several random images (Annapurna, Nikon D90, Nikkor 18-200)