Music I'm listening now

  • Calexico
  • Giant Sand
  • Howe Gelb
  • Andrew Bird
  • Placebo
  • Friends of Dean Martinez
  • Sparklehorse
  • Cotton Mather
  • Bob Dilan
  • Willie Nelson

Howe Gelb reminds me young Peter Gabriel by artistry of vocal and hidden significance. I may be wrong cos I've never seen Howe Gelb. Perhaps it's a reminiscence of my youth :) Nevermind. I just love this music. It's enough rich to make me happy not interfering with thought flow. It's enough serious itself to listen and sitting around doing nothing ("Scapping" by Calexico is fine). It doesn't excites me as the "old Genesis" and Peter Hammil, or King Krimson, but that's ok for my current mood. Oops, forgot "Camel".

What I really like, that these bands are modern group. Before I found them I thought I doomed to listen my lovely old groups. A transfusion of fresh blood !

Latex HTML inlining

I found very interesting page about mimetext - Latex inlining in HTML. Below is the definition of derivative: . Unfortunately, I see problem with aligning of text and the image, which is inevitable for multiline images. See, how is looks for simple one-line image