Evgeny Rodichev

I was born in 1955, finished well-known 2nd school (mathematical) in Moscow, graduated at mathematical department of Moscow State University (MSU). My current positions are sci. researcher at Institute of Mechanics MSU and Network admin at Sternberg Astronomical Institute MSU.

Scientific interests: Computational Fluid Dynamics, The Theory of Turbulence, Hydrodynamical Instability, Bifurcations and Chaos, Data Processing and Analysis. As all of these areas are strongly related to computers I am deeply interesting by numerical algorithms, advanced programming and computer networking.

Hobbies: Anchient history, swimming, yachts, drinking vodka and good vine. I like a summer more then winter, a warm sea more then cold forest and a good discussion more then lifeless silence.

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Please don't hesitate to send your questions and comments to er@sai.msu.su