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GraphicEight Heads, 1922, Woodcut Stamped Print. 131KB

Graphic Portrait of the Engineer G. A. Escher (Father of the Artist), 1935, lithograph. 163KB

Graphic St. Peter, Rome, 1935, Wood-Engraving. 143KB

Graphic Hand with Reflecting Globe, 1935, lithograph. 219KB

Graphic Reptiles, 1943, lithograph, National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. 180KB

Graphic Self-Portrait, detail, 1943, Lithographic Crayon. 98KB

Graphic Eye, 1946, mezzotint. 189KB

Graphic Drawing Hands, 1948, lithograph. 181KB

Graphic Relativity, 1953, lithograph, National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. 193KB

Graphic Liberation, 1955, lithograph. 132KB

Graphic Bond of Union, 1956, lithograph. 155KB

Graphic Print Gallery, 1956, lithograph. 173KB

Graphic Belvedere, 1958, lithograph. 197KB

Graphic Circle Limit IV (Heaven and Hell), 1960, Woodcut Printed from Two Blocks. 185KB

Graphic Waterfall, 1961, lithograph. 185KB

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