Graphic Dove, Arthur (American, 1880-1946)

Graphic Nature Symbolized No. 2, 1911, pastel on paper, The Art Institute of Chicago. 84KB

Graphic League of Nations, 1914, pastel on thin paper mounted on pulp board, Georgia Museum of Art, University of Georgia. 109KB

Graphic Me and the Moon, 1937, wax emulsion on canvas, Phillips Collection, Washington D.C. 82KB

Graphic Drew, Clement (American, 1806-1889)

Graphic Boston Harbor at Sunset, 1884, oil on board. 71KB

Graphic Drölling, Martin (German, 1752-1817)

Graphic Interior of a Kitchen, 1815, canvas, Musée du Louvre, Paris. 138KB

Graphic Drost, Willem (Dutch, active 1650-1655)

Graphic The Vision of Daniel, 1650, Gemäldegalerie at Berlin. 92KB

Graphic Drouais, François-Herbert (French, 1727-1775)

Graphic Le Comte and Chevalier de Choiseul as Savoyards, 1758, oil on canvas, The Frick Collection, New York. 73KB

Graphic Madame Drouais, canvas, Musée du Louvre, Paris. 86KB

Graphic Drouais, Jean-Germain (French, 1763-1788)

Graphic Marius at Minturnae, 1786, oil on canvas, Musée du Louvre, Paris. 107KB

Graphic Dubufe, Louis-Edouard (French, 1819-1883)

Graphic Portrait of Two Sisters, 1840, oil on canvas, 87KB

Graphic Duccio, Agostino d'Antonio di (Italian, 1418-1481)

Graphic Virgin and Child Surrounded by Angels, 1450-75, marble, Musée du Louvre, Paris. 90KB

Graphic Duck, Jacob (Dutch, 1600-1667)

Graphic Soldiers Arming Themselves, mid 1630s, oil on panel. 103KB

Graphic Card Players and Merrymakers, 1640, oil on panel, Worcester Art Museum. 85KB

Graphic Sleeping Woman, 1650s, oil on panel, private collection. 115KB

Graphic Ducreux, Joseph (French, 1735-1802)

Graphic Self Portrait, 1793, oil on canvas, private collection. 73KB

Graphic Duez, Ernest (French, 1843-1896)

Graphic Honeymoon, 1873, oil on canvas, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Arras. 139KB

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