Graphic Constable, John (English, 1776-1837)

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Graphic Cook, Howard (American, 1901-1980)

Graphic Alabama Cotton-Pickers, 1934, conté crayon, charcoal, & colored chalk on wove paper, Georgia Museum of Art. 125KB

Graphic Cooke, George (American, 1793-1849)

Graphic Patrick Henry Arguing the Parson's Cause at the Hanover County Courthouse, 1834, oil on canvas, Virginia Historical Society. 154KB

Graphic Cooper, Colin Campbell (American, 1856-1937)

Graphic A California Water Garden at Redlands, oil on canvas, Fleischer Museum, Scottsdale. 189KB

Graphic A Santa Barbara Courtyard, oil on canvas, Santa Barbara Historical Museum. 182KB

Graphic Cottage Interior, The Henderson Collection. 142KB

Graphic Summer Verandah, 1922, oil on canvas. 121KB

Graphic Cooper, Samuel (English, 1609-1672)

Graphic Queen Catherine of Braganza. 47KB

Graphic Portrait of Oliver Cromwell, 1657, watercolor, unfinished, Drumlanrig Castle at Scotland. 83KB

Graphic Copley, John-Singleton

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Graphic Cornelius, Peter von (German, practiced mainly in Rome, 1783-1867)

Graphic The Wise and Foolish Virgins. 155KB

Graphic Joseph Recognized by his Brothers. 138KB

Graphic The Last Judgement. 166KB

Graphic Cornoyer, Paul (American, 1864-1923)

Graphic Early Spring in Central Park, pastel on toned paper. 115KB

Graphic Studio at East Gloucester, oil on canvas, private collection. 104KB

Graphic Corot, Jean-Baptiste-Camille (French, 1796-1875)

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Graphic Correggio (Italian, approx. 1489-1534)

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