Graphic Biljert, Jan Hermansz. van (Dutch, approx. 1597-1671)

Graphic Madonna & Child, approx. 1635, oil on panel, private collection, New York. 115KB

Graphic Bingham, George Caleb (American, 1811-1879)

Graphic Raftsmen Playing Cards, 1847. 136KB

Graphic Portrait of an Unknown Girl, 1849-50, oilon cavnas, Boonslick Historical Society. 135KB

Graphic Fur Traders Going down the Missouri 121KB

Graphic Biondo, Giovanni del (Italian, active 1356-1399)

Graphic St. John the Evangelist and Stories from his Life, undated, tempera on wood, Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence. 164KB

Graphic Birch, Thomas (American, 1779-1851)

Graphic Engagement Between the Constitution & the Guerriere, 1813, oil on canvas, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. 107KB

Graphic Naval Battle Between the United States and the Macedonian on Oct. 30, 1812, 1813, oil on canvas. 111KB

Graphic Birch, William Russell (American, 1755-1834)

Graphic Back of the State House at Philadelphia, 1799, Line Engraving, Yale University Art Gallery. 177KB

Graphic Preparation for War to Defend Commerce, 1800, line engraving, Yale University Art Gallery. 142KB

Graphic Bischoff, Franz (Austrian, practiced mainly in America, 1864-1929)

Graphic Roses, oil on canvas. 166KB

Graphic Houses Along the Coast, oil on board. 154KB

Graphic Monterey Coast, oil on canvas, George Stern Fine Arts. 117KB

Graphic Pinnacle Rock, Zion National Park in Utah, 1928, oil on canvas. 141KB

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